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July 03, 2008



That is super exciting and super flattering! But I am not super surprised since your wedding was super fabulous :)


Hey, who's mocking now? LOL :o)


Your wedding WAS super fabulous. I predict this is only the first of many blogs that you get featured on.


a) That is so fabulous - and so totally deserved. Everything was gorgeous!

b) St. Louis counts as the south now? Did it always? AM I SOUTHERN?

lucky designs

I had to post some pictures on my blog as well! It was such a lovely event.


Heehee...oh but I really wasn't mocking you..I meant it sincerely. More self-mockery--I noticed used the word super twice so I had to continue. I think it's even some sort of literary device I can't remember the name of. Heh.


I've had Southern rellies call me a Yankee, and strangers on vacation say "St. Louis? Oh cool, you're from the South, too." Damn blurred Mason-Dixon Line.

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