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July 15, 2008



Norman is right.

I gave up the idea of ever having white furniture as long as I have one or any combination of these three things:

1 - dogs
2 - children
3 - my husband


I read once that many designers/interior decorators suggest having white furniture when you have dogs/children -- because you can just bleach the heck out of stains.

This, however, assumes you have white slipcovered furniture -- and that you can remove said slipcovers and toss them in the wash.

Unless, of course, you could find a washing machine big enough to hold and wash your entire sofa ... :: muses ::


I took a picture of this two pieces last year too. We recently just bought it for our new house. Its quite comfortable and chic at the same time :)


*sigh* I too love the Petrie. Even when I worked at Crate with a 30% discount, I could not justify bringing a white sofa into our home.
We have a brown ultrasuede (polyester) sofa and I am reminded daily why. Yesterday I found a puddle of dog slobber and a chocolate chip on the cushion.


Um yeah...same here. As long as we live a life with furbabies, no super nice furniture for us. Right now we have custom slipcovered pieces that can be washed in the washer...the only way to go with two pugs and a cat...and a hubby with a perchance to eat pizza and drink beer on the couch.

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