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September 23, 2008



Oh dear. Is that a Texas hat I see you wearing in one picture? I hope you're being ironic, b/c otherwise J will not be friends with you. It's the whole OU/Texas rivalry, you know. ;)

Joking! We love you even if we hate Texas.


OMG, I almost put a disclaimer in this post saying: "I have no idea why I'm wearing a hat that looks like it has a giant uterus on it. I have no affiliation with this particular institution or any other uterine-related programs." That hat is Jeremy's; we found it in the back of his car whilst trying to find something to keep my head warm -- I think I remember asking WHY he even had the hat (he went to KU and SLU), and he has no clue. Somehow it just magically appeared among his possessions.


Gorgeous pictures Ellen. And Norman is too cute in his own little fleece!


Thanks Kristal -- please note that his hoodie does NOT have a fur collar -- that is merely his furry neck chunk. Gotta love his little fat rolls.


Why have I not seen these pictures? And why are they not framed in your house? Beautiful.


LOL, I didn't realize that was his fat roll!! Too cute.

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