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March 23, 2009


Angie klenke

In the second pic it looks like a spirea but in the first pic the close up doesn't look like spirea. Maybe go to and post a pic. There are always people asking for help identifying weird things. It is a pretty bush tho. I really want the new incrediball hydrangea.


I thought spirea, too - but also wondered about the shape of the flowers! Funny, huh?


I was thinking it looked like a forsythia, by the shape of the bush, but the flowers are all wrong...shape- & color-wise the flowers make me think spirea. Try searching here?


I actually think it is forsythia. Specifically white forsythia.

What do you think?


Here's another pic.


I'm not sure about forsythia -- I don't know if the flowers are the right shape, and forsythia usually blooms without any leaves/greenery present (usually blooms on bare branches) -- and this bush greened up before it bloomed.


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