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March 24, 2009


Angie klenke

Hi Ellen! I LOVE your wall color. And I love your shelves and how everything is white.


Gorgeous! I'm so envious of your beautiful home, Ellen. :)

Love the shelves and I love all the whiteware. I was gonna suggest stacking cake stands, but I see you are already planning on doing that! What about adding a white lacquered mirror on one of the shelves? Or maybe a couple of white picture frames to break up a bit of the glass? Also, IKEA has these awesome small white planters - you could nab one and plant something small in it (maybe a succulent?). I think it would add a nice pop of green to the brown/gray and white.

I think we need to see more of your fabulous house!!


Absolutely gorgeous, Ellen! I love it! The wall color, the white - just fabulous. Kristal has some great ideas for tweaking things, but your sure off to a great start :).


The shelves look fab! I noticed on Martha's tv show set she has shelves filled with all white dishes/serving pieces...and one section is 3 cake stands side by side. But I like the stacked idea, too. I think you should play with adding more of the white. (And then I'm going to come over & steal your wall colors...heehee)


It's gorgeous!!! I love all the white elements. :-)


I love white and grey together! Its such a perfectly clean combination! I saved this picture ages ago from another site and am glad to have found its origin :)

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