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April 02, 2009



You seem like a "seafoam" girl to me :-)


is it sad that I'm totally predictable? ;o)


Hmmm, depends. Do you have more warm or cool colors in your entryway? If warm, I'm usually a red or taupe kind of person. If cool, I like blues and grays. Or anything that shows less dirt. :)


Do the rugs come in Footprint of French Bulldog?


Ohhhhh! I love the swatch from the top picture....second row...third one over...what is that blue green? or Seafoam as Stephanie suggests? Hmmmm....kinda like the color of the chair in the mock entry way pic?


being a total blue and green girl myself, i think a red or burnt orange would look nice. it'd give a little pop of color and tie in the exposed brick.


I'd go for a color that stands out from everything else...I kinda feel like the browns and reds/oranges would blend in with the floors and brick too much. In the Hemmed Jute Rug, I really love that seafoam color and I like ivory and slate too. In the Mirage Rug, that chartreuse color is gorgeous and I always love yellow.

Tough choice!


I am initially drawn to that same aqua color...but I think a little contrast to your other rooms and to ground it with a little warmth & welcome, I'd go with the brick red one on the row below it. Plus it's dark enough it might not look dirty easily (being in an entryway) as a lighter color might. I am going to have to check out that site...may be the answer to my own living room rug quest...

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