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August 07, 2009



I desperately need help with my kitchen! It needs a mini-makeover, that has been shelved due to lack of inspiration and well time.

What a great idea to share free subscriptions! :)


Such a good idea! I would love to be entered in your giveaway. I am getting married in October and I am really wanting to get better at cooking and baking. We are getting all kinds of great gifts for our kitchen- so now I need help learning what to do with all of it ;)


Although I can ID some basic stuff, I know basically zilch about the finer points of gardening & choosing plants & landscaping, etc. I'm trying very hard to become a sewist (if I ever sat down to actually DO it). I am dying to learn to knit.


I have bought some new paint for my kitchen that I love, but it's been sitting there for 4 months since I can't figure out how to decorate the kitchen now. Maybe some visuals would help!


I need "cleaning the clutter out of my back room to make a lovely office out of it" advice. (Amy)

Charlene Austin

I don't know if your magazine offer would be allowed for a Cdn reader but I thought I'd tell you I'd love to learn about anything you share. I enjoy it all.

Me? A Mom?

Count me in. I had a subscription but let it run out after we trimmed our budget. :( Hope i win!!


BHG takes me way back! I'd love to learn a little more about herb gardening and of course...I love their recipes.

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