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January 28, 2010



Love the color combo! I think the houndstooth would be a great gender-neutral option.


I'm embarrassed to say I own a good deal of this fabric. The zig zag, which I believe is paula prass, is not the softest cotton whereas the yellow fabric with the hand-drawn wildflowers (Heather Ross) is some of the softest cotton you will ever feel.

I need to check if I have any of the Joel Dewberry yellow woodgrain left but if memory serves me, it's kind of an odd yellow. If I have some, you can come over and see it in person.


p.s. I love color concept boards of fabric like this. I think your etsy seller did a great job.


Cara - now I'm intrigued about the weird yellow of the Dewberry wood grain ... you'll have to let me know about that.


me again. You might want to look at Japanese fabric for your "scene" fabric. Superbuzzy carries a good selection as does Fabricworm, but to a lesser extent. I had another tip for you but it's escaping me at the moment. So I'll just wrap this up by saying i think this color combo is very fresh and fun. I'm seeing lots of white to make the colors pop.

Oh, and don't forget that you might just want to incorporate some nice solids too. Kona cottons are good quality.


Just looked for it and can't find it but I swear i have a piece of it somewhere, maybe in my scrap bin. I'll look and message you on FB if I find it.


Pretty, pretty! I think I likea combo of options from that first set of swatches the best.


While the second set of swatches makes me swoon, I think the first set would be perfect for a gender-neutral nursery :)

I'm loving this color combo, by the way.


Love it ALL. But mostly love the aqua zig zag pattern. Definitely use that somehow:)


I love the second set of colors. G & B specifically out of that set would look good with the wood grain print IMO.


I love the aqua and yellow color combo. There are some really great fabrics. I am drawn more to the second grouping specifically G. I also love the polka dot blue from group 1 {N}. The striped yellow in the last group A.

Good luck picking!


OMG, Ellen...I'm loving the color choices and everything you have so far. So modern and chic.


I know you psted this a long time ago, but I am looking into an aqua blue and yellow nursery and am wondering who you used on etsy for your bedding? How did it turn out?



I ended up not getting crib bedding made. I found a yellow and white polka dot crib sheet from The Company Store Kids that was perfect. Also got a spare crib sheet and changing pad cover from Land of Nod. It was a mult-colored polka dot pattern from the All Creatures line, I think.

Sorry Im not more help!

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I am searching for the yellow and white houndstooth fabric !!! anyone have any ideas where i might find some? I need about 3 yards. Thanks and let me know! @donaraines

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