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July 06, 2010



ah, so tiny and sweet!


What a cutie! Congrats! :)


What an adorable boy! What a great time you have entered. I see you have a cloth diaper on him so that must be going well. From reading your blog I noted your French Bulldogs. Check out the Crazy 8's website for newborn boy clothes ( They currently have a sweater with a terrier type dog on it...could be a French Bulldog...not sure. It is super cute. I happened to be checking out the website yesterday for my 6-month old boy and his growing clothing needs.


Congrats, Ellen! Charlie is SO adorable. You are a real trooper for hanging in those fifteen extra days. I'm sure when you're 40 weeks pregnant, each extra day seems like an extra week. I look forward to seeing Charlie dressed in a lot of cute and tasteful onesies :)


Welcome to the blog, Charlie! We've been waiting for you! He's super cute, Ellen- congrats!


Congratulations! Charlie is a cutie!


He is sooooooo adorable! Congratulations!

Ryder Mauer

Congratulations on your new baby! Having labor for 44 hours is a no joke. But once you see how beautiful your baby is, all the pain and the suffering are gone in an instant. You both deserve hugs, kisses and awesome gifts!

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